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3D Scanning Coming Soon


3D scanning.
Coming soon to Orthotic Energy. 


Introducing AOMS TOT app, a faster and convenient way to send new orders. No more bulky foam boxes or messy plaster casts. 3D scanning allows you to easily register the feet's image and send it directly to Orthotic Energy.

Orders are received right away, eliminating the need for shipping. You can send your orders from anywhere in the world.

Bundle includes:
iPad mini + Structure Sensor + iPad Bracket + USB Cable 

Contact customer service for more details. Click here to fill out our contact form requesting more information. 



Orthotic Energy will also be accepting scanned files from a wide range of scanning devices. Contact us to confirm compatibility. 


Orthotic Energy app 

Coming soon, you'll be able to send your orthotic orders online, with the new Orthotic Energy app. Compatible with PC and iOs (tablet and computers).

Easy to use. Send orders in 3 simple steps.

Select orthotic style

Input examination findings

Add postings and accommodations

  1. Select orthotic style
  2. Input examination findings
  3. Add postings and accommodations 


3D scanning + online ordering

With 3D scanning and online ordering, your business will take advantages of their numerous benefits. Faster consultation times that can potentially increase your volume of business, as well as the quality of the foot's impression to be sent out, resulting in higher adaptability of your orthotic devices.

Contact OrthoticEnergy today for more info.